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Health Innovations in Japan The Final Chapter Progressions

Before we begin these are my personal views and don’t necessarily reflect the views of my employer.  I enjoyed my time in Japan and the knowledge I gained from these highly driven spiritual people, a paradox in terms within itself.  I feel to really get to know the truth you must talk to the ordinary people of the country, I feel actually being in the country helps as well.  To find out how japan has progressed re healthcare I enlisted the help of my friend Shingo Kushioka a world-renowned cancer activist.

Patient empowerment

Shingo is about to launch Japan’s very first Cancer Channel for patients, please find the beta version here: this is where patients can come to find valuable information about the illness and talk to others about their experiences.  The site has also received celebrity endorsement with high-profile public figures hosting web seminars on how cancer has effected their lives and the loved ones around them.

The channel is of vast importance for the patient movement in Japan, it also has the backing of major Japanese NPO’s and is now looking to actually give patients information about the drugs they will have to take due to their condition.  The Cancer Channel would love to have input from pharma which is an enormous step forward for Japanese patients and for pharmaceutical companies who up until now have found it difficult to talk about the drugs they can offer for serious diseases.

Please contact myself or Shingo if you would like to partner with major NPO’s on this ground breaking site to give information about your oncology medication.


We also have sites such as Oncology Dream Team where anyone involved in cancer care can voice their dreams for the treatment of patients in Japan and what needs to be done in the system starting with themselves.  A truly pioneering site that has built up a massive following over the years showing that doctors and surgeons in Japan are aware of the problem’s in their healthcare system and want to make a change.  It is obvious that the patient’s wellbeing is paramount.

Another pioneering site is Cansol built by Sakurai Naomi.  Sakurai, a cancer survivor, could not get back to work after her illness and found the Japanese legal system less than sympathetic to her cause.  She founded this site in 2008 for other survivor’s facing barriers when getting their old jobs back or getting new job’s full stop.  Sakurai has revolutionised the ability and prejudices faced by cancer patients throughout Japan.

AIDS awareness is also coming to the fore with more user-friendly sites such as HIV MAP targeting a younger audience. When compared to the old  Japan Foundation for AIDS site you can see just how far Japanese social media has come along with awareness events being held across the country.  The only criticism I have about the HIV MAP site is that it is blatantly targeted at the gay community and we have learnt in the west the hard way this is not just a gay disease and all other HIV/AIDS sufferers should also be catered for.  But this aside it is an incredibly modern site showing that the government is listening to bodies such as the UN when it comes to their health statistics.


According to the WSJ Eisai has convened with more than 400 innovation communities since 2005 to focus on health-care-related issues. They have also devised social programs for the families of Alzheimer’s victims. Every Eisai employee world-wide participates in at least one such project, and spends time with patients as well. The company thinks connecting in person with patients is crucial because it helps employees see and understand issues that the patients think are important, and so enhances the employees’ ability to see beyond pure data.  I would love write a blog on this enriching research program but can only find details of it in western papers, an absolute travesty for such a patient orientated research scheme that should be shouted from every roof top in every city.

After my meeting with Shingo, I realised that there is a massive section of the Japanese population that hold the firm believe that progress is key, an idealism built in Japan many hundreds of years ago.  From pottery techniques to technologies that baffled the world the Japanese have been at the forefront of their chosen game.  It would therefore stand that they would also want this for their healthcare sector as well.  I can only see a way forward for Japanese healthcare as these people are really not into failure or coming second.  I await the day when Japanese pharma open their doors to the west to share information and research techniques that are truly personalised and I feel when this day comes we will truly have something to learn.



慎 吾は患者のための日本の非常に最初のがんチャンネルをlaunchする、ベータ版としてここversionを検索してくださ い: thisはwhere患者は病気についてvaluable情報を検索するcome canなどにtheir experiencesについてtalkされ。サイトでは、知名度の高い公人がんは自分たちの生活と彼らの周りの愛する人に影響を与えている方法でWebセミナーをホストして有名人の支持を受けています。

チャネルは、広大な重要性を日本の患者の動きです、それはまた、major Japanese NPO法人があるの支持を受けて、現在to実際に患者に、彼らはその条件のため利用する必要があるでしょうdrugsに関する情報を提供探しています。がんチャンネルは、日本の患者のための巨大な一歩を、製薬企業の今までのは難しい、彼らは深刻な病気のために提供することができます薬物に関する話を発見したまでは医薬品からの入力を持っているのが大好きだ。





エイズの意識はまたHIVマップなど、より使いやすいサイト若い視聴者をターゲットと手前に来ている。場合、古い日本財団エイズサイトにあなたがどれだけ日本の社会のメディアの意識のイベントを全国開催されて一緒に来て見ることができる比較。唯一の批判は私がHIVマップサイトに関するそれが露骨にゲイコミュニティを対象に、我々は西ではゲイの病気と他のすべてのHIV /エイズ患者ではないもかもが仕出し料理にハードな方法を学んだのを持っている。しかし、この脇には非常に近代的なサイトは、自分の健康の統計になると、政府機関は、国連など聞いて見せている。




Watashi-tachi wa korera wa watashi no kojin-tekina kenkaideari, kanarazushimo watashi no koyō-sha no iken o han’ei shite inai kaishi suru mae ni. Watashi wa, watashi wa korera no hijō ni kudō no seishin-tekina hitobito wa, sore jitai ni men de no paradokkusu kara e rareta chishiki o Nippon de watashi no jikan o tanoshinda. Watashi wa jissai ni wa,-koku no futsū no hito to hanashi o suru hitsuyō ga arimasu shinjitsu o shiru tame ni kanji, watashi wa jissai ni kuni ni iru kanji mo yakudachimasu. Shiraberu hōhō o Nippon ni sai herusukea shinten shite iru tame ni, watashi wa yūjin Shingo Kushioka sekai-teki ni yūmeina gan no katsudō no tasuke o nyūtai shita. Kanja no enpawāmento Shingo wa kanja no tame no Nippon no hijō ni saisho no gan chan’neru o launch suru, bēta-ban toshite koko version o kensaku shite kudasai: Http:// Www. Cancerchannel. Jp/ this wa where kanja wa byōki nitsuite valuable jōhō o kensaku suru come can nado ni their experiences nitsuite talk sa re . Saito de wa, chimeido no takai kōjin gan wa jibun-tachi no seikatsu to karera no mawari no aisuru hito ni eikyō o ataete iru hōhō de Web seminā o hosuto shite yūmeijin no shiji o ukete imasu. Chaneru wa, kōdaina jūyō-sei o Nippon no kanja no ugokidesu, sore wa mata, major Japanese NPO hōjin ga aru no shiji o ukete, genzai to jissai ni kanja ni, karera wa sono jōken no tame riyō suru hitsuyō ga arudeshou drugs nikansuru jōhō o teikyō sagashite imasu. Gan chan’neru wa, Nippon no kanja no tame no kyodaina ichi-ho o, seiyaku kigyō no ima made no wa muzukashii, karera wa shinkokuna byōki no tame ni teikyō suru koto ga dekimasu yakubutsu nikansuru hanashi o hakken shita made wa iyakuhin kara no nyūryoku o motte iru no ga daisukida. Anata no pātonā e no shuyōna NPO ga kono chi no saito o hakai-jō shuyō-yaku nikansuru jōhō o teikyō suru koto ga de go kibō no baai go jibun matawa Shingo o toiawase kudasai. Senku-sha Wareware mo kono yōna shuyō wa, Nippon no kanja no chiryō no tame ni jibun no yume o koe suru koto ga dekimasu nani ga hitsuyō shisutemu ni jishin with kaishi okonawa reru chīmu o dare mo ga gan chiryō ni kan’yo suru yume no saito ga arimasu. Toshi, ishi to geka-i, Nippon no mondai wa iryō seido no saishin jōhō o shitte irushi, henkō o shitai shimesu ijō no dai kibona tsugi no yō ni kizukiagete kita shin no senku-tekina saitodesu. Kore wa akiraka ni kanja no kōfuku o sai yūsen sa remasu. Mō 1tsu no senku-tekina saito wa Cansol wa Sakurai naomi niyotte kōchiku sa remasu. Sakurai wa, gan o kokufuku shita hito, kanojo no byōki no nochi de dōsa sa seru koto ga dekizu, Nippon no hō seido kanojo no gen’in ni dōjō-miman o hakken shita. Kanojo wa ta no seizon-sha no chokumen shite baria ga modotte furui jobu o shutoku suru ka, atarashii jobu no kanzen teishi o shutoku, 2008-nen ni kono saito o setsuritsu shita. Sakurai no nōryoku to henken o gan no kanja-san de Nippon zenkoku ni chokumen kakumei shite imasu. Eizu no ishiki wa mata HIV mappu nado, yori tsukai yasui saito wakai shichō-sha o tāgetto to temae ni kite iru. Baai, furui Nippon zaidan eizusaito ni anata ga dore dake Nippon no shakai no media no ishiki no ibento o zenkoku kaisai sa rete issho ni kite miru koto ga dekiru hikaku. Yuiitsu no hihan wa watashi ga HIV mappusaito nikansuru sore ga rokotsu ni geikomyuniti o taishō ni, wareware wa nishi de wa gei no byōki to ta no subete no HIV/ eizu kanja de wa nai mo kamo ga shidashi ryōri ni hādona hōhō o mananda no o motte iru. Shikashi, kono waki ni wa hijō ni kindai-tekina saito wa, jibun no kenkō no tōkei ni naru to, seifu kikan wa, Kokuren nado kiite misete iru. Fāma WSJ no ēzai ni yoru to, 400-nin ijō no gijutsu kakushin no komyuniti to 2005-nen irai, iryō kanren no mondai ni shōten o kaisai shite imasu. Mata, arutsuhaimā-byō no gisei-sha no kazoku no tame no shakai-teki puroguramu o kōan shita. Subete no ēzai no jūgyō-in wa sekai zentai no sukunakutomo 1tsu no yōna purojekuto ni sanka shi, dōyō ni kanja to no jikan o tsuiyashite iru. Sore wa jūgyō-in ga sanshō shite kudasai rikai no mondai o, kanja ga kangaeru ka ga jūyōdeari, sono jūgyō-in no nōryoku o junsuina dēta o koete kudasai. Takameru koto ga dekimasunode, kaisha ga hito no kanja to no setsuzoku to kangaete iruga jūyōdesu. Watashi wa kono yutakana kenkyū puroguramu ni burogu o kaite ikitai tokorodakedomo dake seibu no ronbun de sono shōsai o mitsukeru koto ga dekiru, arayuru toshi no subete no yane no ue kara sakenda suru hitsuyō ga arimasu kono yōna kanja shikō no kenkyū keikaku no tame no zettai-tekina kyokkai. Shin no watashi no kaigō no nochi, watashi wa soko ni jimusho o motsu Nippon no jinkō no dai kibona sekushon ga, sono shinpo wa, kī, risō Nippon no mae ni nan hyaku-nen mo kōchiku sa rete shinjite jitsugen. Nipponjin wa, jibun ga eranda gēmu no saizensen ni sa rete iru sekai o konwaku gijutsu ni tōki kara gijutsu. Sore-yue, karera wa mata, iryō bun’ya ni mo kore o shitai to tatte. Watashi wa korera no hitobito wa hontōni shōgai ya sairin ni sa rete imasen, Nippon no iryō no susumubeki michi o miru koto ga dekimasu. Watashi wa hi ga Nippon no iyakuhin wa, nishi ni jōhō o kyōyū suru, shin’ni pāsonarute iruto watashi wa, kono hi wa watashi-tachi ga hontōni nani ka o manabu hitsuyō ga arimasu kitaru kanji no kenkyū gijutsu o jibun-tachi no tobira o hiraku omachi shite orimasu.


Michelle Petersen View All

I am an award-winning science journalist and health industry veteran who has taught and worked in the field.

Featured by numerous prestigious brands and publishers, I specialize in clinical trial innovation–-expertise I gained while working in multiple positions within the private sector, the NHS, and Oxford University, where I taught undergraduates the spectrum of biological sciences integrating physics for over four years.

I recently secured tenure as a committee member for the Smart Works Charity, which helps women find employment in the UK.

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