Microtubules act as cellular ‘rheostat’ to control insulin secretion – healthinnovations

A Model of the Rheostat Function of MTs in
Dense MTs trap insulin granules in the cell center and promote their random
walk. Non-directional granule movement leads to rapid granule withdrawal
from the cell periphery, balanced with granule arrival. Glucose stimuli trigger
both MT nucleation and destabilization. MT destabilization in the cell center
reduces trapping. MT destabilization at the cell periphery decreases frequency
of withdrawal and leads to free diffusion of detached granules, allowing for
their docking. Enhanced MT nucleation at the Golgi balances MT destabili-
zation, leading to fine rheostat regulation of granule availability for release. Microtubules Negatively Regulate Insulin Secretion in Pancreatic β Cells. Kaverina et al 2015.

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