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The Top 10 Healthinnovations of 2021 – Slideshow.

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The Top 10 Healthinnovations is a chart of the most viewed articles on our site over the past 12 months. In its 8th year, this list is used as a beacon to highlight the most popular research areas for health professionals and investors alike.

So here it is, the most popular posts of 2021 as voted by our readers:

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An infertility-based study has topped the list for the first time in eight years: with the pandemic coming to an end and fertility once again becoming a priority, two studies involving this field have made the top ten. However, neuroscience dominates the lineup, with readers leaning towards newer, innovative solutions—a telling sign of things to come in 2022.

Well done to everyone who made this great list!

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Michelle Petersen View All

Michelle is a health industry veteran who taught and worked in the field before training as a science journalist.

Featured by numerous prestigious brands and publishers, she specializes in clinical trial innovation--expertise she gained while working in multiple positions within the private sector, the NHS, and Oxford University.

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