The Top 10 Healthinnovations of 2021 – Slideshow.

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Are we finally coming out of the pandemic? See what our readers think with this slideshow of the most popular clinical trials of 2021.

The Top 10 Healthinnovations is a chart of the most viewed articles on our site over the past 12 months. In its 8th year, this list is used as a beacon to highlight the most popular research areas for health professionals and investors alike.

So here it is, the most popular posts of 2021 as voted by our readers:

Kyoto University researchers have used an antibody to regenerate new whole teeth in mice. The novel therapeutic approach, which uses antibodies, blocks the action of a gene known to regulate the growth of excess teeth. And is earmarked as a new treatment for missing teeth due to a genetic disorder known as tooth agenesis.artwork for Scientists create simple synthetic cell that grows and divides normally healthinnovations postartwork for healthinnovations article covering micromotor treatment for rheumatoid arthritisScientists have developed a novel therapy that repairs spinal cord injury in mice, enabling them to walk again within weeks of treatment - the new class of material works by signaling to the spinal cord to repair damaged nerves.artwork for healthinnovations post covering newly discovered astrocytes implicated chronic painart work for Retinal cell transplant clears experimental hurdle toward treating blindness written by HealthinnovationsA 'pacemaker' for brain activity helps patient emerge from untreatable depression.Gut microbiota influences the ability to lose weight in humans, according to new research.healthinnovations artwork for new cause of male infertility

An infertility-based study has topped the list for the first time in eight years: with the pandemic coming to an end and fertility once again becoming a priority, two studies involving this field have made the top ten. However, neuroscience dominates the lineup, with readers leaning towards newer, innovative solutions—a telling sign of things to come in 2022.

Well done to everyone who made this great list!

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