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Astrocytes shown to control sugar in the brain, as well as neurons.

The rapid rise in obesity and associated spread of type 2 diabetes represent an enormous challenge for society, with no efficient and safe medicines to prevent or stop this development … Continue Reading Astrocytes shown to control sugar in the brain, as well as neurons.

Study shows link between inflammation in maternal blood and schizophrenia in offspring.

Maternal inflammation as indicated by the presence in maternal blood of early gestational C-reactive protein, an established inflammatory biomarker, appears to be associated with greater risk for schizophrenia in offspring. Inflammation has been shown to alter brain development in previous studies, and schizophrenia is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Thus, this study provides an important link between inflammation and schizophrenia and may help the medical community to better understand the biological mechanisms that lead to this disorder.

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Brain tumour invasion along blood vessels may lead to new cancer treatments.

NIH-funded researchers map brain tumour cells disrupting the blood-brain barrier, offering potential avenues for therapy. Invading glioblastoma cells may hijack cerebral blood vessels during early stages of disease progression and damage the brain’s protective barrier, a study in mice indicates. This finding could ultimately lead to new ways to bring about the death of the tumour, as therapies may be able to reach these deadly cells at an earlier time point than was previously thought possible.

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