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Scripps Florida scientists shed new light on nerve cell growth.

Scripps Florida scientists shed new light on nerve cell growth. The study describes how RPM-1 regulates the activity of a single protein known as DLK-1, a protein that regulates neuron development and plays an essential role in axon regeneration. RPM-1 uses PPM-2, an enzyme that removes a phosphate group from a protein thereby altering its function, in combination with ubiquitin ligase activity to directly inhibit DLK-1.

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Protein pushes breast cancer cells to metastasize.

‘Master-regulator’ protein which pushes breast cancer cells to metastasize is identified. Unexpected links to Alzheimer’s disease and Huntington’s disease also seen. Using an innovative tool that captures heretofore hidden ways that cells are regulated, scientists at Rockefeller University have identified a protein that makes breast cancer cells more likely to metastasize. What’s more, the protein appears to trigger cancer’s spread in part by blocking two other proteins that are normally linked to neurodegeneration, a finding that suggests these two disease processes could have unexpected ties.

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