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Noninvasive, fully-reversible ultrasonic brain stimulation controls monkeys choices.

a study from researchers led by the University of Utah controls the choices macaque monkeys made when presented with visual stimuli using non-invasive pulses of ultrasound waves on specific brain regions. The team states their findings indicate ultrasonic-based neuromodulation could provide a non-invasive, drug-free option to possibly study and treat decision-making disorders such as addiction, binge-eating, and compulsive behaviors.

Seen as a potential breakthrough for many psychiatric illnesses, neuromodulation devices stimulate brain networks to regulate aberrant neural pathways, proffering a more natural and efficacious option for patients. Much excitement has been garnered by the development of these devices with research now concentrating on the noninvasive, fully reversible modulation of specific brain circuits to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of

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