Healthinnovations on google +

For a facebook feel, splitting the platform to hide personal contacts as well as your feeds.

Ah ha the breakthrough. I have just worked out how to hide personal contacts in different circles. I have created a circle of old uni friends who will be receiving a separate fun feed which you will all find incredibly boring considering it encompasses my love of afternoon tea and woollen clothing.

Obviously my uni friends will also find this boring and do not want the added insult of having their details on public display on a platform they are unsure of. So here’s how to do it:

1) Click on your name in the top right-hand corner

2) Click Privacy in the drop-down menu

3) Select Edit Network Visibility

4) A box will automatically pop up saying In Your Circles with a drop-down menu listing your circles

5) Simply untick the circles and contacts they contain that you do not want shown on your profile

6) Don’t forget to click on done editing once finished, simple

Hope this helps with the personal feel of this platform x

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3 thoughts on “Healthinnovations on google +

  1. Hi Michelle, Google+ looks too much work to me for an unclear benefit… I have just clicked once on the icons but was not impressed. As it seems you have spent some time with it, pls explain why one should use it over other SM…

  2. Hi Kathi,

    Well I’m not here to pitch google + as it is freedom of choice and of course speech. Personally I find g+ easy to use with a really sharp UI. For me it is a hybrid platform that allows many different streams to either be marketed or personalised through the all important circle system. On a business note realism kicks in with the link to google search.

    G+ posts will be ranked higher than other social media platforms in SEO, and with 1 billion unique users on google a month, this is a far higher consumer base to dig into. I don’t feel the pharma sector or any other sector is adverse to this premise, I think they have been waiting for google to do this. The only bug bear I have for the moment are the IP issues with this platform, which will hopefully be cleared up by the time everyone else get’s to use it.

    I think the question to be asked here Kathi is why do you feel you shouldn’t use it but this is your choice and should be respected….

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